Welcome to StartBasic

StartBasic is a small business that believes that to be perfect you must start with the basics. Developing a strong foundation is instrumental to any structure. This philosophy can be applied to any part of life to help make dreams into reality.

We are a new business with growing clientele and each one of our clients are unique with personalized needs. We take the time to get to know you personally so we can provide the most accurate service that is tailored just for you and your style.

StartBasic offers many different services in Graphic Design for businesses, models, and entertainers. We are constantly working on expanding our portfolio and offer services in:


Need photographs of your products or are you a model/entertainer needing to get your face known to the world? Let StartBasic get the perfect set of photographs to meet your needs.

Print/Logo Design

Need a logo, flyer, or poster designed to add to your business to show branding or advertise for a special event, then StartBasic can help you with branding your name.

Basic Website Design

Want to have a place on the internet for your audience to visit you? These websites usually have 1-5 pages and are used for providing information to your audience. Social sites are great at connecting to your audience but adding a website allows your audience to see your product in one place designed the way you want.